Bellewaerde, Belgium

The entrance to Bellewaerde is unprepossessing but inside it is great. We were 'unlucky' as the weather was not good and it rained at times. This was actually a bonus as we were able to get on all the major rides in the course of one day. Compared to EuroDisney, where we had to spend four days to get on most of the rides.The water chutes were also great with the 'log' one being comparatively gentle. The rubber two man raft was also good and Martin and I easily won the descent but thought we were not going to stop before we hit the barrier. (Something to do with the extra weight we had onboard. The crowning water ride was undoubtedly the 'Niagara' ride.I would recommend the open boats rather then the enclosed ones.(We did this one twice) I have some pictures in my canera yet and will put one on show if it comes out OK.

Bateau Pirate.

Pirate ship
This was a lot of fun having persuaded the youngsters (12yrs to 37yrs) it would be safe.


Action shot on the ride

Action shot by the party leader.(Hanging on very tight at the same time)

Another action shot
Heading for the bottom of the loop and pulling 'G'. Then you do it all again in REVERSE

We were already wet before we arrived here

Random water jets. Martin and Louise dodging the water.

Random water jets. Martin trying to get his mother wet.

Picture of John.
Who's a pretty boy then ?

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