Day old Dalmation puppies

Day old Puppies

Can you see the tenth one ?

Ten Puppies One of the few pictures with all 10 pups

About six and and a half years ago I thought to breed from my Dalmation bitch, Lucy. She subsequently had ten puppies. They all survived but one of them was pretty weak. He turned out to be the one with the most spots. In due course I sold nine of the ten and kept the tenth as she was totally deaf, and I could not have her put down, I gave her the name of Sheba. It was difficult to find good homes for them. Eventually I thought I had succeeded but within two weeks I had calls from one woman that she could not cope with her dog. At eight weeks old she had been leaving it indoors on it's own and then wondered why her house was being wrecked and the dog fouling indoors. He had been known as Pongo, I took him back and gave him to a friend who had recently lost her own dog again he proved too much so he came back home and stayed with the new name of Oliver.

Sheba 30/09/89 Big Puppies Oliver 30/09/89 to 23/11/94

Feeding Time Lunch time with Lucy 09/05/86 to 03/02/00

The puppies start to get spots after about three weeks, five turned out to be 'liver' spotted and five to be black spotted. (Their 'dad' had been liver spotted)( Brown to you and me) ('Mum' was black spotted. They all had varying numbers of spots, some quite few and some quite a lot. It was great fun watching them develop and how quickly they learned to go outside to attend to their toilet. By the time they were a few weeks old they were mainly house trained. (Apart from the odd accident.) Which was just as well with ten of them having the run of the kitchen.

First introduction to snow Oliver, Sheba and Lucy

On the scent Come out Wabbit,we know you are in there

Chance of Food What´s cooking

Some of the new owners did send me pictures of them as they grew up and they looked well.

Sister to Sheba and Oliver I am Spangle, I live with a doctor and his family.

The rest I have never heard of again and can only hope they are well kept and looked after. It was hard to part with them and if I had had more room I think I would have kept the lot. It can be a bit monotonous hearing 'One Hundred and One Dalmations' being mentioned when we are out walking. Also as Lucy has few spots, hearing 'that one has not got many spots'. Apart from that most people enjoy seeing them and the children like to stroke them. (If the dogs stand still long enough)

Walking in Paris

I strolled along the Bois Bolougne with an independant air. Actually it was the Champs Elysees.

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