Trip to Euro Disney

Marcus and children Enroute at the passenger terminal of Eurotunnel
This picture was taken about midnight and they are still going strong.I think they eventually went to sleep about two a.m. (I was really pleased when they did nod off) I had a short sleep just before dawn and ofcourse they started to wake up. Generally speaking they behaved very well for such a long journey. I only got temporarily dissorientated (lost) once. At Bolougne I took the road to Le Touquet instead of staying on the N1. All it meant was a slightly longer route as it was generally in the right direction. I later subjected an innocent Frenchman to my excruciating French to ask the way towards the Francilliene (Outer ring road, Paris) To my amazement he understood and even more amazing I understood his reply. Summer of 1995, four of my five grandchildren and I enroute to Euro/Ooro Disney, Paris.(The fifth was too young)(That is NOT me in the picture with them) We had a great time but it was expensive and the queues were horrendous. The attractions required a wait of a minimum of 15 minutes and most were considerably longer. Le Blanche Niege et le sept neigns does not have the same 'ring' as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

This is nothing to do with EuroDisney. That's my lunch

Disney land
The gateway

In front of Sleeping Beauties Palace
Sleeping Beauties.

Trying to withdraw the sword
Would be knights.

We lived at Davey Crockett Ranch (10 minutes by car from Euro Disney)You need a car for this location.

At the entrance
Outside the Davy Crockett Tavern.

Davy Crockett Ranch was a big hit and I think we could have spent all our time there and missed Euro Disney. The swimming pool was great and a 'must' with the children.(I enjoyed it too)

The hut we lived in
The hut size is larger than it looks. It is much larger than the more expensive hotel rooms.

Buffalo Bill Show

Buffalo Bills Show
This show was very good. We all enjoyed it very much.

Setting the scene
Getting in the mood. Prior to the show.

Enjoying the food
Dining at the show

One of the scenes
Scene from the show

Again very expensive but very colourful and took the audience along with it. The food was OK for me but the children were NOT impressed. (I had a lot of extras from the children) The theme was food from the period. The staff were great and friendly. All the coke the children could drink and all the 'non alcoholic' beer I could drink. Plus the 'FREE' hats.

I enjoyed it but it would be a long time before I did it again !. We were lucky with the weather and it generally remained fine apart from one or two short showers. The drive there and back was great, the French roads are long, straight and fast. We stayed on the N1 rather than the Motorway. It is free compared with the Tolls/Peage on the Motorway to Paris. Also more interesting.
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